writer – producer – director

            Valentine is a writer-producer-director who began his career in 1989 by financing and starring in a motion picture entitled THE DISCONTENTED, using the old crew of legendary low-budget indie writer-producer-director-actor John Cassavetes and co-starring his talented daughter, Zoe. The black and white, super-16mm movie served as Valentine’s personal film school. John Daly at Hemdale wanted to get in during post production but Valentine’s director and co-producer partners outvoted Valentine to decline.
In 1991 Valentine wrote, produced, directed, financed and starred in NAILED, shot on video tape in one location in one weekend, and edited it on a linear machine. Valentine sold the NAILED screenplay to a production company which remade the movie as CAPTURED.
In 2000 Valentine moved to South Beach where he wrote, produced, directed, edited and starred in the self-financed ROMANTIC SCHEMER, a 90 min, PG-13 romantic comedy shot on super 16mm film. Romantic Schemer has the rare if not unique distinction of having only two actors/characters in the entire movie. The leading lady (Diane Sorrentino) had never acted before, and the crew had never made a movie before.
From 2005 to 2006 Valentine wrote, produced, directed, edited and starred in the self-financed PG-13 “All’s Not Fair in Love and War”. Once again 90% of the cast had never acted before, and an ingénue leading lady (Jennifer Copeland) again carries the picture.
Both movies are beautifully shot on numerous locations in a valentine to Miami. Both Romantic Schemer and “All’s Not Fair” are available on VIMEO and Amazon.